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Support Configurations

Mail Settings. Example Configuration.
SMTP : smtp.domain.tld
POP3 : pop3.domain.tld
Mail : address@domain.tld
Password : its key personnel xy2U3Tw

Should mark the option "My server requires authentication" SERVERS tab and then the first option "Use the same authentication of incoming mail".


Configuring FTP. Example Configuration.
Server : ftp.domain.tld
Port :21 21
Username : your username ftp mypftp
Password : its key personnel xy2U3Tw


Configuring access. Example Configuration.
Phone : 155 155
Username : your username login. mypacces
Password : its key personnel xy2U3Tw

How to Transfer a Domain

Transfer a domain is the administrative management of change of registrar, ie change its current registrar, of the MYP.

Because a domain can be transferred, this must not be expired and the operation of its purchase or renewal must be 60 days old, minimum.

If the status is set Status: clientTransferProhibited should be changed to Status: Ok.

The email contained in the domain administrative contact must be operational, as it is to receive confirmation of transfer. If no transfer request is accepted, this will not succeed.

Should provide us the code EPPKey or AuthCode. The code is the EPPKey or AuthCode provide your current registrar.

The domain name transfer will be renewed for another year, once the transfer process.

Information about Andorra domains. AD

Andorra Domains Names with TLD. Ad can be obtained at the Trademark Office of the Principality of Andorra (OMPA) in two ways:
1. With the registration of Trade and Industry, or a register of associations.
2. As a registered trademark.

Once you meet one of two requisists must request the State Signs Service authorization to use. "Ad" in a domain name.
The requested domain name must be identical to the registered trade name or brand.

Persons not resident in Andorra required to be represented by a president of OMPA accredited.

The brand must be renewed every 10 years the state and the sign every 2.
In case you have not been renewed the mark or marks, OMPA proceeds to terminate the domain, leaving all the work domain services such as web and email.

If desired, MYP offers the services of a proven leader and makes the entire process of registration of trademark registered by the type 42, exclusively for the Internet, and sign the permit status.

Important:  Recommended to use the MYP trademark registered by the type 42, used to be exclusively the domain, if not already registered. Importantly, the rules allow OMPA coexist two identical domains, turning and domains, etc.., Real problem is how much you have learned your address and is a Shared address and finally different.
If you already have a domain name and want to manage, can make a transfer by domain.

If you have not given orders to the contrary, the president hired to take care of MYP been renewed signs and markings that manages on its behalf, a month before its expiry.

To activate the domain, the MYP can register their DNS servers to create and record web user FTP and mail management.
The DNS service is a service for a period of one year.

* What is the DNS service? It is the service that converts domain names into IP addresses. Example =