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Wi fi


Called Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) to set standards for wireless networks based on IEEE 802.11 specifications.

MyP can provide wireless systems designed for professional installations. Both processors are available with half-loaded (MLC) and high processor load (HLC). Both MLC-based systems as HLC support a high level of traffic, but based on HLC program allows a greater number of control rules, without affecting performance, and also allow a higher rate as the number of users be used as very high or high levels of encryption or how they create wireless IPSec VPNs. They are available with one or two spokes that power can be 100mW or 400mW radio.

The joints between networks may be point to point (such as an office and the warehouse) or point to multipoint (any organization, for example an office with warehouse, the factory and other locations).

Each node can be a maximum distance that can be over 100 km. conditioned on whether there are geographical or physical barriers that prevent the connection of one of the nodes.