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Ftp server

FTP Server

An FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a special program that runs on a server computer usually connected to the Internet (although it can be connected to other network, LAN, MAN, etc.).. Its function is to allow the exchange of data between different servers and / or computers.

Typically, FTP servers is not usually found in personal computers, since a user typically will use FTP to connect remotely with him and exchange information with it.

The most common application is to upload web pages, but is especially interesting for companies that have exchanged a number of image data such as designers, printers, photographers, copy external security, etc..

There is a communication protocol FTP that data traveling encryption, such as SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol).

The software is installed on one of the best ProFTPD FTP servers exist for Linux, but can also be used with other operating systems.

It is secure, flexible, modular and easy to configure. Two of the most outstanding characteristics of ProFTPD is allowing users to authenticate with almost any system of authentication including the MySQL database and allows the use of disk quotas for users.

His code is free as it is licensed under GNU and therefore free.