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Web server

Web server

Web servers are responsible for serving web pages, is basically a program that listens for HTTP requests (hyper text transfer protocol) that we get through our PC's web browser when you enter an address in the navigation bar . The program interprets the request and shows us a website.

Mainly we work with two system types. Linux -or any variant of UNIX- and Windows (Windows 2000 Server, Windows Server 2003)

In the case of Linux / Unix systems, used software is Apache web service, most prestigious and reputable software on Internet.

Apache has support for the main languages used for web development (PHP, Perl, Python ...) and it's supported by almost all database engines (MySQL, Oracle, Sybase ...)

For Microsoft Operating Systems, software used is IIS, Internet Information Server, Microsoft product that perfectly integrates with the system. For ASP built web pages is the best option.

* The operating system Linux and the Apache software, PHP, Perl, Python and Mysql are open-source and therefore free.