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Server monitoring

Server control.

MyP offers a system control of your services with the possibility to check the status of the lines, routers, servers, server services such as http, https, smtp, pop3, databases, and even the room temperature and humidity.

We can monitor any system and / or service accessible by TCP / IP if this access is permitted.

The system proposed by the MYP is based on Nagios software, installed with Debian operating system, GSM modem and sensors.

Nagios is programmed to set a periodic inspection (5', 10', 15') of state services.

In case of error automatically send an email and / or SMS with fully description of error, for each control period it's programmed to send back the email and/or SMS till the end of the error when it finally sends the OK and a resolution of the issue.

Even you can view the status of the alerts, alarms history, notifications, etc..with Internet browser.

To make an accurate estimate of the configuration of alarms we recommend a personal study of different systems and monitoring services as Unix, Linux, Windows 200x, SQL Server, etc...

The best system to be the first to know about failures and act as soon as they're generated.

With MRTG software we can get visual inspection and statistical lines occupation, consumption / use of networks, concurrency control and mail queue, CPU and memory usage.

* To send the SMS client must have a contract phone to send SMS with Andorra Telecom .

* The Debian operating system and software Nagios are open-source and therefore free.