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Mailing lists


The email lists are a special usage of email that allows the mass distribution of information between multiple Internet users at the same time.

In a mailing list write a mail to the address list and arrives massively to all persons registered in the list, depending on how the mailing list is set the receiver may or may not be able to send mails.

Many organizations are increasingly using this tool to keep people informed primarily with news, advertising and information of interest. To avoid falling into practices of spam emails are sent upon registration of the recipient, giving you the opportunity to cancel it when you like.

phpList is an open source software for managing email lists. It is designed to disseminate information, such as newsletters, news, advertising, a list of subscribers.

You can manage a database of online shipping emails to a large number of subscribers. The management of subscriptions, registration, change of personal data and to unsubscribe, is automated. Subscriptions to one or more lists are made through a subscription page that can be integrated into a website.

The information requested during registration, for example, country of residence, language, birth date, favorite food, etc.., Is determined by administrators and the lists may be amended at any time. This information can then be used for campaigns focused on sending messages, ie, shipments may be limited to subscribers who meet certain criteria, such as country or city in which they reside.

phpList available in 9 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese. The public interface is available in over 25 languages. Documentation detailing the features of the software is available in English and is partially translated into Spanish, French and Dutch.