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Blogs Andorra

A blog is a regularly updated Web site that collects chronological texts or articles of one or more authors, the most recent appearing first, where the author retains the freedom to leave whenever it deems relevant published.

Usually, each item in a blog, readers can write their comments and the author give them entry, so it is possible to establish a dialogue. However it is necessary to clarify that this is an option that depends on the decision made about the blog author, because the tools allow design blogs that are not all Internet users, or even none, can participate. The use of each unit or topic is especially any kind of personal journalism, business or corporate, technological, educational, political, personnel, etc..

Wordpress:is a web publishing system based on results sorted by date, among many other possibilities as well as static pages. The structure and visual design of the system depends on the site templates (themes).
WordPress MU (also known as WordPress or WPMU MU) is a derivation of WordPress created to allow the existence of several blocks in a single installation. WordPress MU makes it possible for anyone with a website you want to host your own blogging community, monitor and moderate all the blogs from a single management environment.

Some examples: El Blog de Myp, Els Blocs de