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Portals and CMS Andorra

This is a content management system is a program that lets you create a support structure (framework) for creating and managing content on web pages mainly for the participants.

It consists of an interface that controls one or multiple databases hosted on your site. The system can independently manage the content and design. Thus, it is possible to manage the content and give it a different design at any time to the site without having to give new content format, and allows easy and controlled the publication on the site to several publishers. A classic example is the publishers that load content into the system and one level (directory) that allows these contents are visible to the public (the approved).

Choosing the correct platform is vital to achieve the objectives of the client, since they have differential characteristics in both its graphics and diagrams to adapt the possible integrability of features and extensions.

The search engine positioning is highly related to the volume content of a site and how this occurs. It is important to note that the portal structure to ensure proper positioning organic.

Among the major portal CMS open source suggest:

Joomla: includes features to improve the performance site, printable versions of pages, news flashes, blogs, forums, polls (surveys), calendars, search the site, and language internationalization.

Typo3: It is primarily a content management tool very complete. Allows a Web site content with all that that implies: multilevel structure, search engine management, authoring and content delivery mechanism for use of templates for page layout, etc.. But it is also a portal. Administration, in particular, the personalization of the pages according to user identity that is known to integrate a range of content in a page according to the rights of the user logged.

Some examples: Diari d'Andorra