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Andorra datacenter

Andorra Datacenter

Services 100% hosted in Andorra

Secure Infrastructure.

- Installation of redundant architecture, all critical components are duplicated for high availability.
- Electromagnetic shield of the server room "white room", so that ensures data privacy and prevent information that can be captured from outside through some kind of antenna.
- Bullet proof glass
- Tinted windows with beryllium (anti radiation).
- Window grilles screening.
- Armored doors.
- Fireproof doors.
- Underfloor heating (to melt snow on the roof).
- Protection against lightning surge through a heatsink of differential otencial.
- Data Center location chosen based on the geographical environment.
- Earthquake Building.

Environmental control.

-- The room temperature maintained between 20 and 24 º C with forced ventilation (6 units of air conditioning, redundant sensors placed strategically within the room).
- Active control of humidity to avoid static electricity and corrosion of equipment.
- Hall pressured to prevent entry of dust and other particles.


Protection against fires and floods.

- Fire detection systems and smoke detectors centralized.
- Extinction of fires using FM-200 inert gas.
- Water detectors.
- Location of the building above the river level.
- Batteries on the ground floor elevations from ground level.


Access control and surveillance.

- Access restricted by personal identification cards with multiple levels of security.
- Controlling access to the cleanroom through a fingerprint reader.
- Security guards 24x7x365.
- Remote-controlled facilities.
- System alarm monitoring techniques.
- Permanently monitored by control room staff.
- Building under alarm and point to point communication with the security service Globàltic.
- Conditioned spaces for co-location service (modular cages with exclusive access).


Uninterrupted supply of electricity.

- 2 sets running in parallel and redundant with each type of EMV-360 of 360 kVA and 288 kW each, a total autonomy of 88 hours (2 x 44 hours) in case of incident at the mains d 'Andorra.
- Pre-installation for a possible connection of a third external generator.
-Each generator has its own diesel tank of 740 liters, with a gravity system autoalimentació through two redundant pumps. The tanks are connected to the diesel tank of 5,000 liters of the building.
- 3 teams UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) 160 KVA each, working in parallel and redundancy.
- Room battery sealed lead batteries and recombination of gases to a minimum autonomy of 30 minutes in the worst case, ie, the white room with full equipment and full load.
- Distribution systems of electric power and redundancy for each team.
- Double box with electrical protection and selective SPD (surge protection).
- Indoor fluorescent lighting system with antiparticles, doubled by an emergency system. False floor cleanroom technician
- Plates 60 x 60 cm, 35 cm of soil, which can support a load of 1,500 kg / m².
- Distribution of air conditioning in all units and racks evenly.
- Easy access to all cables (network cables and power feeds).
- Category 6 structured cabling.


False floor technician cleanroom.

- Plates 60x60cm, 35cm in height from the floor that can withstand a load of 1,500 kg / m².
- Distribution of air conditioning equipment and all racks evenly.
- Easy access to all cables (power cords and feeds).
- Category 6 structured cabling.


Redundant Connection.

- Direct connection with redundant fiber optic network of the STA, with bandwidth of 100 Mbits.


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