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Synology ds415

Synology DiskStation DS415+

Quad-core 4-bay NAS optimized for intensive tasks and encryption.

Designed for small and medium-sized businesses, DS415+ delivers outstanding performance, accelerated hardware encryption, and ample storage capacity — satisfying the growing need for both speed and security.

  • High-speed data transfer and hardware encryption engine.
  • Dual LAN ports for failover and Link Aggregation support.
  • Easy installation, hassle-free maintenance .
  • USB 3.0 and eSATA ensure speedy transfers to external storage.
  • Award winning OS - DiskStation Manager.
  • Seamless storage solution for virtualization environments.
  • Fit into business environments easily.
  • Optimize storage management.
  • The most compatible sharing.
  • Effective backup solution.
  • All-in-One server.
  • Ensuring business continuity.
  • Increase business productivity with cloud solutions.
  • Secure your data.
  • Eco-friendly NAS server.

Synology DiskStation  DS415+ Andorra Synology DiskStation  DS415+ Andorra

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