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Synology ds415play

Synology DiskStation DS415play

Embrace the ultimate media center with massive capacity

Optimized for multimedia processing, DS415play features 1080p Full HD video transcoding, delivering on-demand Full HD transcoding to guarantee seamless streaming experiences.

  • 1080p Full HD video transcoding.
  • Dual core CPU with floating-point unit enhances media processing.
  • Support for up-to-date storage interfaces.
  • DLNA Certified® media server.
  • Easy hard drive installation.
  • OS premiado - DiskStation Manager.
  • Award winning OS - DiskStation Manager.
  • Ultimate file center.
  • Effective backup solution.
  • Your files anywhere with cloud service.
  • The most compatible sharing.
  • Enjoy multimedia library.
  • Stream content to your TV.
  • Get mobility with our apps.
  • Eco-friendly NAS server.
Synology DiskStation  DS415play Andorra Synology DiskStation  DS415play Andorra

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