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Pay by mail

Payment by mail

MYP offers its clients the solution eFactura as a tool to manage their electronic invoices intuitively, quickly and easily.

eFactura be made online by MYP program used to send email invoices and being paid through a virtual POS (VISA).

The program allows clients to create, generate invoices and bills forward tracking online state thereof.

By sending an invoice to the customer generates an email with a copy of the company, which attached a link to the Virtual POS Bank business.

As the customer pays both parties receive an email notification of the result whether the payment has been satisfactory or generated an error.

It is a practical tool for companies that want to make a payment at a distance, without having a business online or a form of payment to its website.

Monthly rental price eFactura

Monthly rental price eFactura.
6,30 €
4,5 % IGI NOT included.

Price setting and training eFactura

Configure your Virtual POS Bank.
25 €
Application of corporate logo.
25 €
Training Manager eFactura (1 hour) in the MYP.
35 €
4,5 % IGI NOT included.