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Synology ds414j

Synology DiskStation DS414j

Budget-friendly 4-bay NAS server with optimal performance.

Designed for SMBs and SOHO groups, DS414j serves as the all-in-one network storage server for fun and for productivity with comprehensive add-on applications.

  • High-performance and floating-point unit boost efficiency
  • SuperSpeed USB 3.0 accelerates transfer rates
  • Award winning OS - DiskStation Manager
  • Connect your data quickly and easily
  • Ultimate file center
  • The most compatible sharing
  • Backup data in multiple ways
  • Your files anywhere with cloud service
  • Enjoy multimedia library
  • Stream content to your TV
  • Get mobility with our apps
  • Eco-friendly NAS server

Synology DiskStation DS414j Andorra Synology DiskStation DS414j Andorra

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