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Synology xs xs serie

Synology XS/XS+ Serie

Very high and multifunctional performance. Optimized for large-scale enterprises.

The XS/XS + Synology series supports virtualization solutions from VMware, Microsoft and Citrix. It also offers robust solutions for large-scale enterprises to centralize and streamline storage while maximizing the budget, improve efficiency and facilitate management.

Synology XS/XS+ Serie Andorra

Simplify the management of virtual storage

• Verified for VMware vSphere 5, and full compatibility with VAAI, including Hardware Assisted Locking (ATS), Block Zero, Full Copy and Thin Provisioning.
• Certification of Windows Server 2012 and Windows ODX support, which provides the functionality of storage solutions for Microsoft certified.
Synology XS/XS+ Serie Andorra

A highly effective solution offers an uninterrupted business

• Synology High Availability minimizes downtime a heartbeat mechanism to detect and respond promptly to an unexpected service interruption.
• The Global Hot Spare feature allows companies to reserve unused disks as backup units on standby to ensure no system interruption or manual intervention occurs.
Synology XS/XS+ Serie Andorra

Centralized management reduces management complexity

• The central management system consolidates storage infrastructure automates the management process, and reduce IT costs.
• Storage Manager consolidates and manages all your storage space, the hard disk status and the iSCSI Targets and LUNs.

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