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Synology plus serie

Synology Plus Serie

High performance and scalable. Perfect for the growing needs of SMEs.

When a company grows, management must include threats, identify challenges and react quickly when problems arise. The Synology NAS server works as an IT asset reliable integrated easily into existing IT infrastructure and reserves the flexibility to respond to the growing needs of the company. Synology offers reliable and scalable solutions to help administrators streamline everyday tasks and prepare for the future.

     High integration into existing IT structure

The full integration service Synology NAS servers indicates a configuration without IT effort. Compatibility with Windows AD, LDAP and Domino trust allows seamless integration with the account. By offering sharing between platforms, protocols and compatibility with leading virtualization support even Synology NAS server could eliminate the cost of server configuration and allow the administrator to engage in other tasks requiring more supervision.

     Horizontal scalability with more flexibility

Maintaining a flexible storage structure allows future scalability in accordance with the company's growth. Certain Synology NAS servers include scalability in storage, network and RAM, which allows companies to expand the power of the server when necessary. DiskStation supports major virtualization solutions that condense physical space while maximizing the use of resources.

     Optimize your resources, get better performance

The efficient use of infrastructure is the main challenge of an IT administrator. DiskStation can serve all business server acting as a private cloud storage services while delivering mail, VPN and syslog. For information on the frequency of use of resources, administrators can generate periodic reports of use of storage and control various resources in real time.

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