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Real estate web portal

Website Real Estate and Manager.

Website Real Estate ANDimmo 100% developed in Andorra.

Programming 100% developed in Andorra

The website real estate includes:

Implementation of corporate design.
4 languages​​, expandable to as many as you want.
- Initial menu items
- Items Level 2
- 3rd level items
- Search for properties
Legal Notice and Site Map.
Search on the site.

Content Manager.

El Gestor de Continguts permet accedira a:

- User Manager.
- Menu Manager at 3 levels.
- Content Management System.
- Manager of news.
- Manager of banners.
- Manager image gallery.
- Manager links.
- Manager carousel.
- Manager agenda.
- Site Manager literal.
- Language Manager.
- PDF gallery manager.


Real Estate Portal Content Manager.

The Content Manager allows you to access:

- Manage Clients. Lets see your requests for information.
- Commercial Manager.
- Manage Owners. Allows you to view the properties.
- City Manager (3 levels).
- Manage Property type ..
- Manage categories.
- Manager features.
- Property Manager. A single click lets you decide if you publish your property, pictures, price, whether we noted, posted on Facebook, doubling the building. Allows Google.Maps published, Youtube videos, image galleries. Enables printing detais for the window or full to the customer. And much more.
- Promotions Manager.
- Consultations with internal generator of Property PDF printing ....
- Reports: List of properties, Showing Clients, Owners List, Shopping List.


Other specifications:

- Content Management easy and simple to use.
- SEO: Manager to facilitate the "metatags" in all languages.
- Bookmarks: Share content with social networks.
- Rss

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