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Virtual trade web portal

Virtual Trade Web Portal

Virtual Commerce Web Portal ANDbotiga 100% developed in Andorra.

Programming 100% developed in Andorra

The Virtual Trade Web Portal includes:

Implementation of corporate design.
4 languages, expandable to as many as desired.
- Home Menu Items
- Items of 2nd level
- Items 3 rd level
- Menu items (up to 3 levels)
- Carousel Brands
Disclaimer and Site Map.
Search on the site.

Content Manager.

- User Manager.
- Menu Manager at 3 levels.
- Content Management System.
- Manager of news.
- Manager of banners.
- Manager image gallery.
- Manager links.
- Manager carousel.
- Manager agenda.
- Site Manager literal.
- Language Manager.
- PDF gallery manager.


Content Manager Virtual Trade.

The Content Manager provides access to:

- Customer Manager, Customer Invoices, billing addresses.
- Menu Items Manager.
- Items Manager attributes
- Manager Brand or Manufacturer.
- Items with manager manager picture gallery article, duplication of items, creating new items to share in an article created by adding new attributes only the item (color, size, ...).
- Manager of countries.
- Manager of shipping methods.
- Manager of payment. (Includes Visa, PayPal, ...)
- Article Manager views.
- Configuration of Virtual Commerce.
- Data Manager of the Company.
- Reports: Shopping short, best-selling items, Total per customer, Stock, Stock Summary, Critical Stock, Stock caution and Users.


Other specifications:

- Content Management easy and simple to use.
- SEO: Manager to facilitate the "metatags" in all languages.
- Bookmarks: Share content with social networks.
- Rss

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