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Andorra domain registration

Domain Andorra - Domain Registration .AD

Domain Andorra - Domain Registration .AD

Trademark registration, type 42 and sign status.
379,93 €
Renewal mark state (every 2 years).
68,64 €
Renewal trademark, type 42 (every 10 years).
311,29 €

Service DNS (Domain Name Server).
24,04 €
Taxes NOT included.
* If you have not given orders to the contrary, the president hired to take care of MYP been renewed signs and markings that manages on its behalf, a month before its expiry.

In case you have not been renewed the mark or marks, OMPA proceeds to terminate the domain, leaving all the work domain services such as web and email.

You must fill autoritzacio.pdf properly document and send us the signed fax or email scanned once.


The undersigned: You must put the name of the person signing, with the right of representation.
I hereby authorize: This space left it blank.
Specific Power: Put the domain / domains you wish to register.

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