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Virtual meetings

Virtual Meeting Rooms Online.


Software for Unified Communications and Collaboration.
Virtual meeting rooms.


Sala de reuniones virtual


MyP service distributed virtual meeting rooms, which is a platform for business users that provides unified communications and collaboration. Integrates presence, instant messaging, voice, video, sharing real-time presentations. Works transparently and safely on all types of devices - PC, mobile phone, PDA - and through any network.

Competitive Advantage for Organizations:

    * Drastic reduction of costs associated with executive meetings and training programs and increased efficiency of business processes.
    * Increased productivity of working groups and improving the competitive position derived from the ability to collaborate in real time anytime, from any environment and device.
    * Reduce response times and time to market "of the work units to enable unified communication and collaboration in real time with productive and business processes.
    * Allows a new concept of teleworking, more real and thus saving time, cost and improved balance "work-family life" of employees.
    * The widespread use of Video Collaboration substantially reduced travel resulting from economic activity having a positive impact by contributing to CO2 emissions Reducers.


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