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Local numbers

Local Numbers

You can have a local landline number to other countries to facilitate contact with their customers and you receive the call directly to your landline or mobile number in Andorra.

It may also be used to:

    * Having presence in other countries.
    * If your children are studying in a foreign country, you can talk using the local rate where they are.

The price depends on the country where the city needs the local number, and some countries require some type of documentation to assign the local number. If you are interested in this service, please contact us indicating in which country and city you want the number.  Shortly we will send you a quote by email.

Example prices of some fixed number of monthly local:

Spain: 6 €,  France: 2 €,  Belgium: 6 €,  Luxembourg: 10 €,  England: 1 €,  Switzerland: 7 €,  Canada: 5 €.

Diverting a landline Andorra from Spain: 0.0222 cents for minute.
Diverting to a mobile phone Andorra from Spain: 0.1910 cents for minute.