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Local numbers.

You can have a local landline number to other countries to facilitate contact with their customers and you receive the call directly to your landline or mobile number in Andorra.
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Secure calls.

At the end of 2009 a German researcher publishes all the necessary tools to demonstrate how it could intercept a GSM call in minutes demonstrating the fragility of the algorithm. We reached a point where the interception of GSM calls are now possible with traditional equipment and a modest minimum investment. We conclude that the algorithm A5 / 1 is completely broken and provides no security.
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Push Mail.

Push technology is what allows us to have a post about our mail server we can send it immediately to our mobile terminal.
Push To enjoy the service, you must have a compatible phone and online.
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Mobile Web.

Every day the phones and PDA's allow us a better Internet connection to receive and send mail and visit websites.
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